Helping People Thrive

Jay GleasonI love what I do!  And, I’m far from conventional.  After 18 years of being therapist and 3 years of being a massage therapist I can’t limit healing to just talk or to just touch. (Well, of course I can if that’s what works best.) There is so much more potential with integrative care. One stop shopping, so to speak.

Whether you’re looking for a massage, counseling, Chinese Medicine, EMDR, or Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises®, one or all, I think change is possible!

Many times the hardest part is making the first contact.  If you can contact me, you’re on your way!



Upcoming Events

TRE® Module 1
NOV 13, 2015 TO NOV 15, 2015
This training is for people interested in learning about TRE® for their own healing and for those who would like to begin to learn how to use TRE® to help others.